Home of the Hallock Family

Maniumpathy is a stately house, which has been home to five generations of a family originating in Jaffna. During its history spanning over a century, it has evolved at the hands of the different members of the family who have lived there. It most recent owners have renovated it and transformed it into a boutique hotel, with the intention of immersing its guests in an atmosphere reminiscent of the moods and pursuits of the people who have lived within its walls in those times past. As such it is an opportunity for the curious visitor to relive these experiences, enjoying a unique perspective of past Sri Lankan culture.

The colonial structure that existed has been added over time to give the unique character of the house today. Each room is named after a woman from a different generation of the family.

The name Maniumpathy is a tribute to the town of Manipay, the origins of the first owners. Manipay was a thriving and wealthy locality of Jaffna. By the standards of present day Colombo, it might be regarded as the Colombo 07 of Jaffna during the nineteenth century. It was known as the paradise of Jaffna, with its verdant green paddy fields that stretched as far as the eye could see. It hard working people were a kindred society, who exhibited the traits of tolerance, and mutual respect. They were well educated and learned in various arts such as dancing, music and painting.

Savaranamuttu Hallock passed out as a doctor from the University of Aberdeen and secured appointment with the Ceylon Medical Service. It is he who purchased the property at Kynsey road, what was then the Harley Street of Colombo stretching from the General Hospital of Colombo (Presently the National Hospital of Sri Lanka ) to the General Cemetery of Colombo, where most of Colombo eminent physicians lived. His wife Annapuranie was the matriarch of the family who not only found the time to raise nine children but to travel by bullock cart around the island clear jungle and plant 1000 acres of coconut so that each child had land to his or her name.

The Children and branches of the Hallock family;

Rasamanee Hallock

Hallock  Rajanathan  Proctor. Son-in law of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan

Dr. Hallock Ratnarajah General Practitioner and Medical Officer of Health Colombo Municipal Council.Father in-law of Gen. Anton Muthukumaru- first Ceylonese Commander of the Sri Lankan Army.

Francis Hallock Wijenathen  Passed out as an Engineer from University of London and on his return joined the Colombo Municipal Council. Among the projects to his credit are construction of the present town hall and the extension of the Buller Road from Colombo 7 to Colombo 4. His son Chuck Wijenathen was the first Sri Lankan International Director of Lions.

Richard Hallock Rasadurai Motor Engineer

Hallock Anandarajah Civil Servant .The youngest of the Hallock brothers and famous baritone of his time. Having trained by Professor Marlio de Veroli performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London with famed Paul Robeson. He had two daughters- Ranee and Cynthia Hallock.

Rasamuttu Hallock alias Thangam Founder , President and Manager of the Hindu Ladies College ( Saiva MangayaKalaham), Colombo.

Soundram Hallock married Irumarapilumthuiya Rasanayagam

Poornam Hallock